Terms & Conditions


Thank you for agreeing to the following terms and conditions prior to completing your enrolment.



Throughout the course, You agree to:

1.       Commit to a full year. Students who cannot continue lessons must give a valid reason and one week’s notice before the commencement of the next term.

2.      Conduct yourself honestly and in good faith. E.g. No smoking, consumption of drugs or alcohol, swearing or offensive behaviour on site.

3.      Respect teachers’ expectations including remaining punctual and ready to work.

4.      Keep all discussion confidential.

5.      Adhere to workload outside of regular contact hours, including rehearsing off site on various texts, gather any relevant materials and research



Throughout the course students are aware that:

1.       All contact information will remain confidential with The Actors Studios

2.      Upon enrolment students may or may not choose to be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes by Scarlett Media.

3.      They are not permitted to take photos or video using their own personal devices.



Throughout the course, You understand the teacher may choose to:

1.       Move students to an alternative class

2.      Withdraw students from the class for poor behaviour

3.      Disallow students to perform on stage or for their showreel if they are not performance ready 



Students must, according to State and Federal Government regulations, following specific laws in place at any given time :

1.       Wear masks

2.      Students to remain 1.5 metres apart

3.      Practice safe hygiene

4.      No singing or dancing is permitted due to Government Restrictions

5.      Sign in upon arrival

6.      Stay at home if they have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19

7.      Stay at home if showing symptoms such as a cough, sneeze, sore throat or fever

8.      In the event that you must quarantine, students will be able to view the course online.



Students must be aware that:

1.      If they are absent for more than 3 lessons, they may be asked to discontinue attending but are still required to pay for the course. Too many absences disrupt the class and are a detriment to the students’ progress.

2.      In the case where a student is sick, a medical certificate must be supplied.


Payees must be aware that:

1.       Students encouraged to enrol for the whole year

2.      Payment must be made up front prior to commencing the course

3.      Refunds only apply 14 days prior to course commencement Only

4.      Late fees apply for monthly payments.

5.      2 x Make Up classes are only available for students with a medical certificate


Throughout the course, You agree to:

1.      Indemnify staff in respect of any claims which might be made by me out of accidental injury incurred during my attendance at class.